Industrial Welding Services

Taurus Welding is professionally trained and certified industrial welding company. With over 25 years of experience and with a deep understanding of the industrial welding industry, this is the perfect team to get any job done right. Taurus Welding only uses the highest quality products such as X-Ray technologies for precision seals, to ensure the best results for their clients.

Mechanical Piping

Taurus Welding offers a wide range of mechanical piping services on all types of systems. With 25 years in the piping industry, we offer high-caliber expertise and professionalism to accommodate your specific needs.  Steam, Hot and Chill water, Natural gas and Fuel are some of the systems that Taurus Welding is experienced in. While combining our accomplished Pipefitting skills along with our ability to foresee and correct potential problems, we will ensure the smooth and efficient installation of any industrial piping system.

Underground Utilities

The Taurus welding team has worked on the Heave Industrial piping systems that house and transport municipality resources and community utilities that are crucial to our everyday life. At Taurus Welding we understand the importance of producing quality welding while striving to maximize efficiency in order to keep up with the overwhelming demands of production in today’s competitive industry. Whether we are welding on a 96” transmission line or 10” steams line our underground experience will be an asset to you through your toughest challenges.  We are also experienced in the process of bore pits, beam slices, and shoring systems.

Petroleum and Gas

Hazardous or explosive products are a concern for everyone in today’s industry. Understanding the hazards and implementing the proper safety procedures is a must when working on these potentially dangerous systems. Michael Tucker CEO of Taurus Welding has an extensive background in the petroleum gas industry. With 7 years experience in military defense fueling systems (Jet Fuel), 5 years working in Bay Area petroleum refineries and 3 years in the natural gas industry Taurus Welding has the experience and knowledge to minimize the risks, ensuring a safe working environment.